Professional Transport & Logistic Service all around the World

Our company has realized that one of the important factors of the final bid price of goods is price of transport, which indirectly affects the competitive position in the market.

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Each company is in a dilemma whether to organize transport within the company or hire carriers. High costs of regular maintenance, registration, insurance and less choice of transport means to affect many companies to choose using the services of companies whose predominant activity is transportation.

Several years of experience in performing all aspects of goods` transportation and provision of services related to other activities that accompany transport of goods (insurance of goods / packages, insurance of moving services, storage) distinguishes our company from the others and makes it a leader in the field of transport in Serbia.

Beocontrol company provides the services of the following types of transport in combination with road, rail, air and water transport:

  • Direct transportation. Goods` and things` cargo via one mode of transport “from door to door” save time and money because there are no additional handling, repacking and mixing of goods with other goods in the same transport vehicle.
  • Combined transport. Transportation of goods via multiple modes of transport (road, rail, air, water) make that clients for longer distances lower the cost of transport and reduce transport time.
  • Collective transport. Transportation of goods and items can be organized on the principle of reloading, return for a full load and return tours. So you save your money, and you have the ability to transport small quantities of goods at a time when you see fit.

We formed a team of associates who are specialized in all areas that follow the transport of goods / items (logistics, transportation) and we are able to provide our clients with quality, prompt and complete service.

By automating much of the transport process and other activities that accompany transport (shipping, transportation, reloading, unloading …) allows us to provide our clients with superior service. To provide better service and meet the various requirements of our long-standing business partners, as well as to attract new customers we continually invest in renewing our fleet and other necessary equipment as well as training our employees to become expert logistic managers.

We have the following basic resources:

  • 50 trucks traffic on a daily basis to all cities in Serbia and Europe,
  • 4 trucks for transportation of special cargo under escort,
  • 10 vans,
  • Electric and diesel forklifts,
  • Special machines to carry heavy equipment and machinery,
  • Special robots for the transfer of bulky items upstairs,
  • Mobile crane,
  • Professional tools,
  • Warehouses in all major cities in Serbia with loading ramps for trucks.

All vehicles have CMR insurance and ADR certificates for the carriage of dangerous goods. Our team consists of experienced professional drivers and professional workers for loading and unloading.