Transport service Malta

Beocontrol is focused on providing high quality transportation services on Malta, as well as on the entire European continent. Many years of experience, well-equipped fleet, dedicated workers and far-reaching distribution network allow us to transport goods not only from and to Malta, but also across the whole world.

Here are only some of the services that Beocontrol has to offer:

  • Freight transportation by rail, road, air and water;
  • Collective transportation, otherwise known as cargo consolidation;
  • Transportation in refrigerated trucks;
  • Transportation in containers;
  • Transportation of hazardous goods;
  • Transportation of bulk cargo;
  • Storage services, on both short and long period of time, etc.

Having in mind that international transportations can be quite time-consuming, expensive and complicated, Beocontrol developed a full range of transportation and supporting services that can significantly lower the amount of time and money needed in the process of transportation.

More than 1000 agents, across 40 countries are ready to take care of each shipment from or to Malta and make sure that it arrives to desired location safely and on time.