ATA Carnet – ‘Passport for Goods’

An ATA Carnet is the simplest duty-free and tax-free method of exporting goods on a temporary basis

ata carnetATA Carnets are like ‘passports for goods’ replacing the need for usual customs documentation.

They allow fast, trouble free importation into countries belonging to the ATA Carnet scheme without the need to pay duty and/or local tax at the time of import. They can be used for multiple trips, are valid for one year and cover over 70 countries. Without an ATA Carnet it would be necessary to go through each country’s Customs procedures for the temporary admission of goods.

When is the ATA carnet most commonly used

The ATA carnet is most commonly used for the following purposes:

– Samples for demonstration,

– Professional material,

– Exhibitions, fairs, conferences.

The types of goods that are most common in the ATA carnet system are: antiques, audio-visual equipment, entertainment units, electrical and scientific equipment, musical instruments, photographic equipment, catering equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.

ATA Carnet is not issued for food or drinks, nor for goods intended for processing or repair.

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Completion of the ATA Carnet Forms

The number of vouchers in a Carnet depends on the route the goods are travelling and the number of countries being visited.  All the forms are in pairs (apart from the green front cover Page 1), each having a specific function (Exp = exportation out of E.C. Imp = importation into destination country, Re-exp = re-exportation from the country where the original import was made, Re-imp = re-importation into E.C.  Blue Tra vouchers may also be required for transit or exhibition purposes).  Certain countries do not accept Carnets for all categories.

How Does ATA Carnet Work?

In order for goods to cross the border quickly and easily with the help of ATA carnets, certain conditions must also be fulfilled, such as that the goods must be imported/exported in the unaltered state, that the goods must be easily recognizable, that the goods are covered by real value, etc.

How to fill in an ATA Carnet?

It is not allowed to fill in the carnet by hand. It is completed by entering the data in the ONLINE application. A detailed description of the goods is required: quantity, value, weight, serial numbers, etc. For the first trip, it is necessary to enter information for all existing goods listed on the goods list. Each next trip you can use the same or smaller list than is written on the green cover.

If you forget to show your ATA carnet when crossing the border, be prepared to pay customs duties. All talons, from each trip for the 12 months, are returned personally to the Chamber of Commerce, together with the green covers.

Geographical Coverage

ATA Carnets are currently operating in the following countries:

European Union:

Austria Germany
Belgium Greece
Bulgaria Hungary
Croatia Ireland
Cyprus Italy
Czech Republic Latvia
Denmark Lithuania
Estonia Luxembourg
Finland Malta
France Netherlands
Poland Portugal
Romania Slovak Rebublic
Slovenia Spain
Sweden United Kingdom

Other European countries:

Albania Andorra
Belarus Bosnia & Herzegovina
Gibraltar Iceland
Macedonia (Rep.of) Moldova
Montenegro Norway
Russia Ukraine
Switzerland Turkey

Africa and Middle East

Algeria Lebanon
Bahrain Madagascar
Cote d’Ivoire Mauritius
Iran Morocco
Israel Qatar
Senegal South Africa
Tunisia United Arab Emirates



Brazil Chile
Canada Mexico
United States

Asia and Pacific

Australia Japan
China Kazakhstan Korea
Chinese Taipei Korea
Hong Kong, China Macao
India Malaysia
New Zealand Pakistan
Singapore Sri Lanka
Thailand Japan

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