Relocation of residential space

If we leave out the reasons for moving and just start from the fact that all people that should help you to move have their own obligations, and while you have your own and you can not even pack your personal items, we will understand your concerns and our team of professional packers will end up moving by your order on a “turnkey system”.

Relocation of residential space Serbi Belgrade

Based on our professional assessment of the amount of moving things, we are able to determine the duration of the migration thanks to our long experience. Service of professional packing, preparation and protection of your furniture will be done in the shortest possible time and all the furniture disassembled and protected will be shipped in a padded trucks specially equipped for transport and move, and then delivered, assembled and situated according to your wishes in a new home.

Let us prove that our company`s slogan, “Who is moving with us, for sure will be glad! “!” is true and unique. This confirms the long tradition of 10 years.

Become our client. We are expecting your call.