Transport service Hungary

Located in the heart of Europe, Hungarian economy depends on foreign trade with other EU members. That is why our company recognized the need for high quality transportation services in Hungary.

We can offer you services of international transportation between Hungary and any other country in Europe by road, air, rail or water. Depending on your needs, our company can transport even dangerous and bulk cargo, or goods that require temperature control.

If you want to save your time and money, Beocontrol can offer you cargo consolidation (otherwise known as collective transportation), which will provide you faster delivery, lower transportation costs, minimal risk and full control over the whole process of transportation. Cargo consolidation is also possible when freight is transported in containers.

Our supply chain and distribution are based on the latest technological innovations, professional and motivated employees and developed infrastructural network across Hungary and Europe.

If needed, Beocontrol can provide our clients with secured warehouses, which are temperature-adjusted and thus suitable for storing all types of goods.

Therefore, when it comes to transportation in Hungary or abroad, our company is ready to finish the entire process as efficiently and professionally as possible.