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Custom Clearance Serbia

As an international forwarding company, Beocontrol offers premium logistics solutions (Custom Clearance Service) . Regardless of the required form of transport – road, rail, air or sea, we are able to offer optimal solutions for all your requirements. We specialize in custom made kind of transportation. Our dedicated staff will help you find the most optimal solution saving you money and time. Thanks to our professional logistics center we are able to provide you with ocean freight and other means of transportation. We are a strong team of highly qualified and committed employees, all of whom have many years of experience in the industry.

We’ll help you with all the challenges you may face in connection with the import or export of goods.

By using the customs clearance services for international goods provided in our logistics centers, you save yourself a lot of time waiting at national border posts. This applies to imports into and exports from whole world. Carving a top position in the industry, we are involved in undertaking the Custom Clearance Services. Owing to our specialization, efficiency and commitment towards the quality, these quality services are widely appreciated by our valuable customers. Further, custom clearance services are executed by our professionals as per the clients demands and requirements.


Service and features

Export / import spedition services

Customs clearance , export / import  and freight forwarding is a very complex matter and as such is the basis of the international transport of goods. We recognize the importance of a proper and efficient process of customs clearance, and we are at your disposal for all advice, consultations or tasks related to the field.A proactive business model provides timely reactions to avoid all unnecessary costs when importing or exporting customs clearance of goods.

We will always advise you on a timely basis regarding tariffs and customs duties. The proper process of clearance of goods ensures that all unnecessary costs, possible costs for penalties and penalties are avoided, and that goods are properly charged in order to apply the correct customs rates.

Years of experience enabled us to successfully cope with all problems and short deadlines, offering our customers best service for import or export of goods.Our team will get all necessary permissions for export of books, paintings, antiques and pets and arrange all needed formalities required for import or export of your personal belongings.When moving to Serbia, foreigners are able to import for free all personal belongings, either by themselves or with the help of a moving company.Clothes, shoes, toiletries and scrap items can be imported without a fee in or out of the country, but only in an amount appropriate for personal usage


Temporary import / export – Ata Carnet

During the temporary import or export of goods, ATA carnet is issued.It is a simple international customs document based on the International Customs Convention on ATA Carnet, replacing national customs documents for temporary export, temporary import and transit of goods, which simplifies the customs procedure and thus facilitates and accelerates the traffic of certain categories goods.

Temporary import / export is regulated by the Foreign Trade Act. In order to provide services to foreign persons and the use of services provided by foreign persons, and in other cases when goods are exported or imported with a return obligation within a specified period, in the same or altered state, goods may be temporarily exported or temporarily imported. Exceptionally, the customs office may authorize the export, or import of goods obtained by processing, processing or finishing and before the temporary importation or export of reproduction material required for the production of such goods, except for agricultural products .

Temporarily exported goods must be returned to Serbia or definitively exported, and temporary goods imported must be returned abroad or definitively imported and customs cleared according to the regulations governing the export, import, customs clearance of goods, as well as the time limits for temporary export and import.

Advantages of ATA Carnet :

  • ● The exporter abolishes the costs of customs and VAT or deposit
  • ● For ATA carnet customs means less administration and security that it will charge import fees if there is no re-export
  • ● Carnets simplify the crossing of the border, ie allow exporters and importers to use only one document for solving all customs formalities



Storage / Warehousing

The provisions of the Serbia Customs Law stipulate that the customs warehouse is the place where the goods can be stored in accordance with the prescribed conditions, which are approved by the customs authority and which are under customs control. A customs warehouse can be public or private.In order to apply the provisions on the customs warehousing procedure in the prescribed manner, the following conditions must be met: the customs warehouse should be a closed room or a fenced area intended for accommodation, the competent customs authority for granting customs warehouse management approval is the customs office.

 Our warehouse meet the highest standards, have a 24-hour supervision and efficient loading and unloading facilities. We also have very good cooperation with warehouses in all customs outposts. You can keep the goods in these warehouses under favorable conditions, giving you the ability to custom clearance of goods partially, or as it suits you at a given 

Beocontrol has a customs warehouse in all major cities in Serbia where it is stored in the period of clearance / clearing. Our warehouses are physically provided under video surveillance, so you can be sure that your goods are in the best hands.


For the opening of a customs warehouse the applicant must enclose the following documentation:

  • ● Evidence of the legal basis for the use of premises, or premises intended for a customs warehouse (property right, lease, etc.)
  • ● Sketch with a technical description of the premises, or space, intended for the customs warehouse
  • ● Proof of registration of the applicant in the appropriate register, and in the event that a request for opening a public customs warehouse is submitted and evidence of the registration of the applicant for the performance of the warehousing of goods
  • ● Proof of tax identification number (PIB) and the number of valid giro accounts
  • ● Act of the competent authority confirming that the special conditions have been fulfilled, if such special conditions are prescribed for the storage of certain goods
  • ● Statement that the premises and inventory provided are necessary for the implementation of measures of customs supervision and customs clearance of goods in the customs warehouse


Custom Clearance Serbia

In the field of forwarding, Beocontrol finds the best solutions for its clients, which will improve their business.Regardless of the type of transport you use – road, rail, air, water – our expert team will offer you optimal solutions for all your requirements.With the experience and knowledge we possess in the shortest possible time, we are able to solve all your requirements for import or export of goods.

For our clients, we perform all forwarding services, which include:

  • ● Import customs clearance of goods
  • ● Export customs clearance of goods
  • ● Re-export customs clearance of goods
  • ● Mediation with state and inspection bodies
  • ● Preparation of necessary documentation
  • ● Obtaining necessary permits
  • ● Temporary export and import of goods
  • ● Temporary storage of goods in the customs warehouse
  • ● Insurance of goods


Like most other countries, Serbia allows you to import a bottle of perfume, a bottle of toilet water, one liter of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes and drugs in an amount that is necessary for treatment without a prescription. Pets are allowed to enter the country if they have a certificate from a veterinarian of the country of origin. Antiques and things of artistic or historical significance are imported and exported out the country with the permission of the competent institution. Here are in Customs clearance Moving Serbia,we provide best service.Guns and hunting equipment can be entered to the country only in certain quantities and only if the hunt was organized by an organization authorized for such activities.

Beocontrol has been carrying out freight forwarding for many years, which made it possible for us to easily respond to any problems we encounter as well as to any client requests. We will be honored to share our experience with you.

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