Transport service Finland

Beocontrol can offer you services of international transportation between Finland and any other country in Europe by road, air, rail or water. Many years of experience, well-equipped fleet of vehicles and constant desire to improve made us one of the leading transportation companies in Europe.

Among other things, Beocontrol can offer:

  • Collective transportation;
  • Transportation of hazardous goods;
  • Transportation of bulk cargo;
  • Transportation in refrigerated trucks;
  • Transportation of freight in containers;
  • Storage services on both short and long term, etc.

Our far-reaching distribution chain will make sure that every domestic or international shipment arrives on its destination safe and on time. Therefore, whether it comes to cargo transportation in Finland or abroad, Beocontrol will ensure that the entire process is completed efficiently and professionally.

In addition to transportation services, Beocontrol is specialized in relocation services, including: diplomatic relocations, relocations of office and residential space, transportation of antiques, moving pets and all supporting services. More than 1000 agents in over 40 countries are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.