Transport service Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beocontrol became one of the most successful transportation companies in Southeast Europe thanks to our far-reaching distribution network and well supplied rolling stock. Among other things, our company can offer you following transportation services not just in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but across Europe:

  • International transport by road, rail, water and air;
  • Transport of dangerous goods;
  • Transport of bulk cargo;
  • Refrigerated transport;
  • Container transport;
  • Collective transportation, otherwise known as cargo consolidation;
  • Storage services;
  • Shipping.

Having in mind that relocation process can be very stressful and costly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our company also developed unique range of moving services: diplomatic relocation, relocation of office and residential space, transportation of antiques and other valuable possessions, as well as transportation of your pets.

So, whether it comes to transport of freight or relocation of your belongings Beocontrol can offer you most favorable conditions and save you time and money.