ADR transport boxes – Boxes with UN certificate

ADR transport boxes – Boxes with UN certificate

Safe transport of packaging containing dangerous goods is a priority and legal requirement of those who send them. The United Nations (UN) has laid down regulations condemning the use of inefficient packaging for goods considered dangerous during transit, which means that only packages that are certified according to UN packaging standards can be used. ADR certified transport boxes focus on goods that are considered dangerous, and their level of stringency depends on the risk posed by the goods being transported, which are divided into different groups based on their danger. Beocontrol Logistic has developed packaging with a specific composition of cardboard and finishing, which is specially made for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). We also have different box sizes depending on the size of the goods. These boxes are harder than ordinary boxes and the outer sides are coated with a hydrophobic layer. The boxes are 100% recyclable. Instructions for packing and closing are printed on each box.

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Certified packaging has been tested for its ability to protect dangerous goods in conditions of falling, stacking and leaking and pressure. If the items you are packing are on the list of dangerous goods, there will be specific packing instructions for them, which will show the type of packaging that can be used – cardboard boxes, metal containers, etc.

The main goal of a UN-certified ADR transport box is, therefore, to prevent any chance of a leak or accident involving ADR goods.

The consignor must pack the dangerous goods in appropriate boxes before transport and do so properly, using boxes manufactured to UN specifications. Knowledge of the product and the method of its transport is mandatory for the management that complies with such Rules in the classification, packaging, marking and labeling of the material itself in order to enable its safe delivery to the destination.