Transport service Lithuania

Transportation of goods across Lithuania can be quite stressful, expensive and time-consuming. That is why Beocontrol developed a range of personalized transportation services that will significantly lower the amount of time and money needed for domestic and international transportations.

When it comes to transportation to or from Lithuania, among other things Beocontrol can offer:

  • Transportation by rail, road, water and air;
  • Freight consolidation, also known as collective transportation;
  • Cargo transportation in containers;
  • Transportation of goods in refrigerated trucks;
  • Transportation of bulk cargo;
  • Transportation of hazardous goods;
  • Storage services on both short and long term, etc.

Due to our far-reaching supply chain, we are able to deliver every shipment on time and with minimum costs. Well-equipped vehicle fleet, dedicated employees and many years of experience allow us to transport goods safely from any point of the globe to Lithuania and vice versa.