Transport service France

As one of the leading companies for transportation in Southeast Europe, Beocontrol can offer you the best conditions when it comes to moving and transportation services in France. We can transport your cargo from any point in the Europe to France and vice versa, by road, rail, air or water.

Our rolling stock is equipped to transport even hazardous and bulk cargo, as well as goods that require temperature control (transportation in refrigerated trucks). On your request we are also prepared to transport your freight in specialized containers.

We know that transportation of goods can be quite expensive and that is why we can offer you cargo consolidation services. This way you can save money, make sure that your freight gets on the right place in time while tracking it all the way to its destination. Furthermore, our company can provide you with storage services, both on long and short term.

International transportation can be rather complicated, but with our methods of distribution it doesn’t have to be that way. Dedicated employees, state-of-the-art equipment, modern vehicles and developed infrastructural network through France and Europe allow us to transport your shipments efficiently and effectively.

Whether it comes to relocation of office or residential space, transportation of your pets, moving antiques, diplomatic relocation, or transportation of any type of goods, Beocontrol is the right company for you.