Transport service Sweden

Swedish economy is characterized by a large, knowledge-intensive and export-oriented manufacturing sector. In this environment, a necessity for good transportation services is very highlighted. That is why Beocontrol developed a range of personalized transportation services when it comes to cargo transportation to and from Sweden.

Among other services, Beocontrol can offer:

  • Road, rail, air and water transportation;
  • Container transportation;
  • Refrigerated transportation;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Transportation of bulk cargo;
  • Cargo consolidation, also called collective transportation;
  • Spedition services;
  • Storage services, etc.

Beocontrol uses state of the art equipment and vehicles that have installed latest GPS systems, thus allowing our clients easy satellite surveillance in real time. Our supply chain sector is based on the latest technological advancements, professional and motivated employees as well as on infrastructure network that stretches throughout Europe.

Therefore, when it comes to domestic or international cargo transportation, Beocontrol will make sure that every shipment gets to designated location not only in Sweden but worldwide safe and on time. Regardless of form of transportation you use (road, rail, air, sea) we are able to offer optimal solutions for all your requirements.