Customs Warehouse Belgrade

Beocontrol company has fully equipped customs warehouse of 500 square meters in size with complete infrastructure and made with latest standards defined by Customs office in Serbia.

Customs warehouse possesses advanced security audio/video system together with security staff monitoring the goods 24/7.

For goods requiring specific temperature conditions, advanced cooling/heating system is provided maintaining desired temperature.

Warehouse is located near the highway with adequate truck access as well as special truck scale.

Procedure for opening customs warehouse requires acquiring all of the necessary permits from relevant institutions as well as fulfilling strict standards compliant with local legislation. Beocontrol company has met all of this conditions therefore receiving offiial permit for this type of services.

A bonus service is so called “door-to-door” service consisting of complete transportation service- packing&loading from the warehouse and than unpacking&unloading to the desired location.

Goods can be further insured against possible damage thanks to the cooperation with the renowed insurance companies Bassler and Uniqua.