Transport service Belgium

Beocontrol is worldwide present company with highly developed network for international transportation. Our distribution network is spread all over the globe and therefore allows us to customize all our customers’ needs and requests. Whether it comes to transportation in containers, refrigerated trucks (cold chain), or transport of goods with special requirements (hazardous and bulk cargo), we can meet all your demands.

We can also suggest to you collective transportation, which can significantly lower your costs, especially if it comes to small amount of cargo. Furthermore, on your request our company can make sure that your freight is safely stored in our warehouses.

Beocontrol can offer you international transportation services to any requested location using fastest and most cost effective channels. You just have to choose which type of transportation corresponds to your needs: road transport, rail transport, water transport, air transport, or some arrangement that combines all of them.

In geographical and economic sense Belgium is the market with high percentage of professional, educational or social necessity for relocation of people. With the purpose of satisfying all customers’ needs, Beocontrol can also provide you with the following services:

  • Diplomatic relocation;
  • Transport of antiques;
  • Moving pets and other animals;
  • Relocation of office space;
  • Relocation of residential spaces;
  • Moving and transport of machinery and equipment.