Air transport Belgrade

It should be noted that air transport is the fastest mode of transport and is therefore suitable for the transfer of goods to all destinations at short intervals. Since many years we transport goods by air and with well-known airline companies we have concluded agreements on special conditions, we are able to offer air transport services at special conditions.

Air Transport

Your goods and parcels we take on an agreed address.

If the place of taking over the goods is not a city where the airport is located, we provide the ability of multi-media transport (loading at an agreed address, transfer to the airport by the other forms of transport, unloading and delivery of your goods to warehouse at the airport).

Any additional activities that accompany air transportation, we can perform as soon as possible:

  • Preparation of documentation and performance all shipping actions related to any of the export / import customs clearance of goods,
  • Storage of goods before or after the air transport,
  • We inform customers about the arrival and the current state of shipments in transit,
  • Taking over the shipment and its delivery from the airport to the recipient’s mail address in any city in the world.

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