Transport service Slovakia

Slovakia is located in the hart of Europe, and that’s why it is often the cross point of different types of movements in Europe, from west to east and from north to south. With globalization and emerging European Union as one big single market the demand for moving and relocation is constantly increasing.

Beocontrol is a reliable, well known transportation company, which is recognizable for high spectrum of services offered to customers as well as by its ability to answer all the customer needs by service customization.

We have far-reaching distribution channels for transportation in Slovakia, whether it comes to air, road, rail or water transport.

Beocontrol also offers transport services for special types of cargo such as hazardous goods and bulk cargo, refrigerated transport, or transport in containers. Furthermore, thanks to our well-developed supporting services we can suggest to you cargo consolidation, shipping, distribution and storage services.

The need of human relocation became obvious in the world of international corporations, multi ethnical communities and long term traveling, which are highly present in Slovakia. Beocontrol is trying to meet all your needs by providing transportation of antiques, pets, relocation of office and residential space, diplomatic relocation and all the other types of moving.