International transport


Beocontrol Group professionally and efficiently organizes the international transport of all kinds of dresses from all over the world, from anywhere and to any fate.We proudly point out that we can transport your goods and provide all the accompanying services even to destinations that are impossible for many transport companies, freight forwarders and importers.

What sets Beocontrol apart from its competitors is its extensive network of reliable partners, who guarantee that we can arrange international transport of goods as soon as possible.


Since the provision of transportation services is not limited by the number of vehicles that the company owns, we take over your goods quickly so that you do not unnecessarily pay for storage.

We offer our clients international transport of goods in all types of transport – road, rail, air and water.

  • We provide international transportation to all places in the world and vice versa,
  • We inform customers about the arrival and the current state of shipments in transit,
  • We prepare documentation and perform all shipping activities related to export / import,
  • Storage of goods,
  • Insurance of goods,
  • Container transport,

Transportation of goods to all modes of transport (road, rail, air and water),

We organize transport of large sized trucks to all places in the world, we offer special conditions in collective transport for the European cities on the principle of reloading and return a full load 7 days a week.